It's time to make a difference. It's time to take a stand. And, it's time to change the law!

 We currently have a registry for sex offenders and for animal cruelty. In fact, the Senate has recently, unanimously, passed a bill that makes PACT (Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture) a federal felony. 

Why don't we have these same laws in place for men, women, and children? That's a great question and this is how we intend to make the change:

We are working diligently with contacting senators, state representatives to sponsor our proposal. We're also contacting law enforcement agencies and public figures to help support us. 

 Why do we contact our senators and state representativesThe short version -Only members of Congress can agree to take our proposal and rewrite it using legal terminology and making any necessary changes they see fit, making it a bill, and then introducing it to legislation. And, by doing so, they become the sponsor(s) of our house bill. When the bill is introduced to legislation; hopefully, it too, will unanimous pass as a federal law just like it was for animal cruelty.

Why do we need Tina's Law: If passed, the law would require any offender of a violent crime, sexual assault, and/or a domestic violence offender to register with the state; similar to the Sex Offender registry. Passing Tina's Law would help ensure these offenders are not moving state to state and , more or less, starting their lives over and putting innocent individuals at risk. For example: Let's say you have someone you've recently met and you are considering dating the individual, and maybe you even have children, you want to be safe and make sure your potential mate doesn't have a history of violence. So, by referring to the registry you would be able to confirm if the individual is an offender. It would have saved Tina's life because she would have known her boyfriend was a repeat offender; a history of being a violent offender. Tina's Law will save lives! 

We need your help by taking a stand with us to change the law and contacting senators and state representatives to sponsor our proposal for Tina's Law.