My name is Donald (Don) Ryan Estes, Founder and CEO of the Tina Stewart Foundation. Our foundation was created after our loved one, our niece, Tina Stewart, was murdered.


Tina Stewart was murdered on Thanksgiving day in 2017 in Spokane, Washington. We will never forget that heart wrenching call from the Spokane County Deputy Sheriff on that day. I will also never forget the 150 mile drive we made the next day, and made not once, but three times. Our first trip was for confirmation with Tina's death. The next trip was to pick up Tina's children, and my grandchildren, who were staying with Tina for the holidays. The trip was 300 miles of doubt, crying, and confusion. We also had four children in the backseat we were worried and concerned about the trauma they were experiencing.

Unless you've lost a loved one to murder, you will probably never understand the roller coaster of emotions you experience over and over. I had so many questions: how was she murdered? How long was Tina being abused? How How did we miss the signs? How would we comfort her children, Shane and Addy, who were never going to see their Mommy again. And, of course the big question, why Tina? This is a question we may never have the answer to.

Tina was beaten so badly by, Nicholas Holden, we were forced to have a closed casket. I remember the day of Tina's funeral, and as I stood there in disbelief, I approached Tina's casket and placed a bracelet on her wrist and a ring on her finger. At that time, I made a promise to, Tina, I would do everything in my power to create laws to help prevent other families from experiencing the death of a family member, a death due to a violent domestic abuse murder. 

Stand with me, stand with Tina, and support the Tina Stewart Foundation and help us change laws.


Don Estes, CEO and Founder 

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